A Public Arts Initiative
1901 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA

We connect artists and arts organizations with vacant commercial window space to create temporary, high-crafted installations that enrich
vacant property and its surrounding community. By activating portions of unused space we add vibrancy to the city and mutually uplift residents, artists and local business owners.
Our mission is to create gallery-quality displays to redefine where art is viewed
and add to the spirit of our city. This initiative aims to reimagine the voids in our downtown due to the post-pandemic shift to remote work and help regenerate cultural sentiment by showcasing work by local and national artists.
With emphasis on partnering with local
arts organizations, as well as individual
artists working in a spectrum of mediums and varying career paths, we
hope to aid community engagement,
expand opportunities, and reframe how we experience art in our culture and the spaces we occupy.